We embrace the challenges and the opportunities in the field of nutrition in regards to the Palestinian society, and cooperate and build partnerships with local and international groups, universities, and communities for the continuous growth and development of the overall health of the population.


The mission of the Palestinian Online Nutrition Information System (ACINS) is to promote the health and nutrition status of the Palestinian community, by providing and using knowledge and information on the nutritive value of food items and local Palestinian dishes, which can be incorporated into various clinical, community, and individual services.


From our mission, specific objectives were set to meet the needs at both the individual and community levels, as the following:

  1. To integrate the Palestinian food recipes and the USDA nutrition databases into a single comprehensive platform.
  2. To provide the Palestinian population with an interactive tool for managing and monitoring their individual intake, and providing dietary alternatives and recommendations.
  3. To provide the Palestinian researchers, health professionals, students, and policy makers with a baseline nutrition information system to further develop the current nutrition and health services in fields such as clinical nutrition, food safety, and public health.