Al-Quds University, founded in 1984, is a Palestinian university, and the only university in the world to be situated by a separation wall. The main campus of the University is located in Abu Dis. With fifteen academic faculties AQU has huge academic diversity and offers something for everyone. In order to stay at the forefront of academia, AQU has international partnerships with American and European universities. It is also affiliated with over 30 institutes and engaged in innovative research around the world.(1) With the aim to build sustainable projects within the university, AQU has been the umbrella in which ACINS was created under. It offered its support by providing this project with logistic services, knowledge and expertise through its academicians. ANAHRI The Al-Quds Nutrition and Health Research Institute (ANAHRI) is a research organization based at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, West Bank in the Faculty of Medicine. (2) Branching from the main mission of ANAHRI, ACINS first started as a project in 1999 to promote improvement in the nutrition and health of all Palestinians Others :

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